Are you an absolute die-hard for college baseball, ready to leverage your passion for the game with 11Point7 and the entire college baseball community? You're in the right place! 11.7 is wide open for badass individuals who are champing at the bit to throw their weight behind our mission of electrifying the college baseball experience for fans nationwide. If you've got a background in sports marketing, content creation, prospects/data, blogging, college baseball gambling, developer or anything else that screams 'I'm a damn go-getter,' then saddle up. We want the bold, the creative, and those who are dead set on leaving their mark. Your passion is the crack of the bat of raw, unfiltered energy that powers us. Ready to step into the lineup? Take a swing at the application below and show us why your love for college baseball is a knock!  (Chat GPT couldn't have said it better)
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